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Speak 'sweet everythings' into the universe, discuss your sweet expectations and so much more! 


I like to give thanks when they are due.  There are not enough words that explain just how much your support means to me.  Your awesome feedback allows for new business which in return is growth. Thank you for trusting me with your sweet expectations, in doing so, you allow young women to see first hand the benefits/rewards of entrepreneurship. You mean the world to us and I look forward to continuing to exceed your sweet expectations. 




Chocolate a great dessert all on it's own. The many faces chocolate wears it is very difficult to have a favorite. Chocolate lovers cupcakes make up great flavor combinations with flavors like; strawberry, caramel, cherry and of course more chocolate. Chocolate has even been known to help decrease stress and serve as a mood enhancer. Makes a great gift and date night dessert.

Tell us about your favorite chocolate, in whatever form that may be. Have a favorite VaeMade dessert, tell us about it. Provide your feedback in the box below.

Live every moment as sweet as your favorite dessert !
Ms. Vae - Cupcake Super Fairy
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