Supplier price increases and how it affects your shopping experience. 

It is unfortunate when price hikes take a direct hit to the consumer market. However, at VaeMade Cupcakes, we like to do what we can to keep our prices competitive and also budget friendly without jeopardizing the quality and good service we have become synonymous with. 

4 and 6 count cupcakes will no longer be available for purchase through our website. These counts, however, can be purchased at pop-ups or at our partnered retail locations. 

Strawberry Cupcakes topped w/ the sliced strawberries will be $30. There will be an option to purchase w/o strawberries for the original $25 price. 

Our Double Dozens will be limited to the most popular flavors only and up to 4 flavors. 

There is currently a cream cheese shortage ( you read that right) for now we are only offering our Cutesies as our cheesecake dessert option.

12 Count Cutesies are $15

Party Size Cutesies are $35