First Friday Menu

6 count     $15

12 Count     $25

Cupcake Flavors

Cookies & Cream

Sassy Strawbery

Rich Red Velvet

Chocolate Lovers

Strawberry Crunch

Lively Lemon

Hey (Banana) Puddin' 

For this special event you can get 2, 3, or 6 flavors per count

What the Fudge Brownies


Wall to Walnut

4 Count    $8

Drizzle Cakes

Lively Lemon

Pecan Caramel

Cinna' Bae

Glazed Pound

$20 each

Place your order below, once submitted please see table for payment. Deliveries will be on a first come first serve basis Saturday and Sunday.  All payment types accepted. Must have paid order for scheduled delivery - No C.O.D.'s

To order cupcakes, please specify count and flavor;

Example: 6ct 2F: Sassy Strawberry, Lively Lemon

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