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Sweet Deets

VaeMade Cupcakes, our signature dessert and a play on a long time classic. Along with love and creativity, these cupcakes include a cheesecake filling. The creamy center of these fluffy cakes offer a special treat in each little paper cup.

Cheesecake Cupcakes. These little paper cups are filled with a creative mix of fruits, cookies, puddings, our creamy decadent cheesecake batter and last but not least, LOVE. Bringing you a delicious twist on a dessert classic. Available in cupcake and bite sized.

Classic popsicle inspired cakes with a cookie crumble topping and a featured cheesecake layer. A delicious combination sure to please your taste buds. Available in Party and Personal size, for all your sharing needs.

VaeMade Drizzle Cakes

Unapologetically simple. These moist and delicious cakes are made with a few ingredients but boast with lots of flavor. The drizzle is your unique touch on this simple treat!

VaeMade Candy Covered

Get double the delight, by dipping some of your favorite snacks in white or milk chocolate. Custom colors and embelishments for an additional fee. Not only delicious, also trendy and an amazing addition to any sweets order.

VaeMade Cheesecake Pops

VaeMade Cheesecake Pops are the dessert that you didn't know you needed. Our baked cheesecake recipe combined with our fluffy cakes and dipped in chocolate. This dessert is served on a popsicle stick in a two pack.

How To Best Enjoy Your VaeMade Desserts


Cakes, cupcakes and cheesecakes are made within 12 hours of a purchase. The cakes that use fresh fruit, cream cheese and or cheesecake should be refrigerated within 24 hours of purchase. Fruits left on the cakes when refrigerated should be consumed within 2 to 3 days. All others are best used in 3 to 7 days. Items can be sealed and frozen and kept for up to 90 days. Thaw in the refrigerator and consume within 2 days. 

Chocolate covered treats other than strawberries have a shelf life of 10 days, refrigerated, they keep for 1 month. Chocolate covered strawberries should be refrigerated as soon as possible and consumed within 2 days of purchase. 

Cheesecake Pops should be refrigerated within 24 hours of purchase and consumed within 10 days.

What the fudge brownies have a 7 day shelf life, 10 days if refrigerated within 24 hours of receipt.

Apple Empanada Mini's should be refrigerated within 2 days of purchase and best consumed within 7 days. 

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