Cupcake Flavors

Cupcake Cheesecakes, our play on a long time classic. Along with love and creativity, these cupcakes are created with a cheesecake filling. The creamy center of these fluffy cakes offer a special treat in each little paper cup. 

4 Count      $8

6 Count      $12

12 Count     $20

One Flavor Per Count​

Cherry Confetti Party

Hey (banana) Pudding

Sassy Strawberry

No Cup Cappuccino

Just Peachy Raspberry

Cherry Pistachio Cream

Cherry De La Creme

Sweetie Potato Pie

Blueberry Sweet Lemon

Pina Colada Mama

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Very Vanilla Orange

Rich Red Velvet

Chocolate Lovers

20 Carrot Cake

Very Vanilla

Lively Lemon

Cookies & Cream

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New dessert and flavor inspirations can happen at anytime. For the latest flavors and specials join us on social media. Give a like and shout out your favorites while you're there. 

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